A kind of a "dangerous supplement", marked, scarred on a body, post-orgasmically, always, already in anticipation of (a) crisis OR for a desert avec 'agape'. Mindb(l)ogg(l)ing Noise. "Avalanche, would you share my last pursuit?" (Baudelaire)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The possibilities of two laptops and a bow tie

Maybe, just maybe, tonight at New Division. Late till late.
For the birthday, for 2 or 3 things.

UPDATE: Then maybe not.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Missing Toe Run Wild

Champagne and tears.
Whiskey stis kleidwseis kai poikila alkoolia sta rouha twn filwn.
Apousia stis diakladwseis epikoinwnias
Ki ap tin hara.
Pyrotehnimata aypnias me vlemmata stin prosmoni.

O peripatos tis afodefsis, mesa-exw, den afinei topo stin orgi.
To ithos tou pathous epanemfanizetai sta sintrivania vitrinas.
Stamatimenoi se paradromo agkaliazwmaste panw apo vyzia kai
Ta heili sou - ase.

Kai to krasi, krasaki. "Let's Go!"

Monday, December 25, 2006

JC day? Or JB day?

Mr. Brown,

Wherever you are...

I hope you're having a funky good time...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday To You!!!

Ombion: Endorsing Perverted Privacy Since 2003

Eginamen Treiwn!!!
Party details soon.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Remember what I wanted for Christmas?

Someone sent me an email about this

And I found this

And yesterday... I found this:

I went back to the shop today to buy it....

And I couldn't find the shop.

Don't these fucking Venetians know how to build cities?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Little Stabs of Happiness

From: athensdailyphoto.blogspot.com

Radio Mix without antennas

Dear Ombiouxoi kai loipei (tzi' es' edera)
Along side our blogs, vlogs, glompous, lellous kai veggous, audiovisual resources and hyperlingual kebabs, another of those "just visit for a while end up spending whole nights" website has come to my hands and made itself andy handy in the absence of the conventional signal receivers, regardless to having the cables, the skys and the kosiaris we lack the essentials - that being the monitors, the radios, and the cooking pans. Thus - following the wise advice of my Mathaios lunch companion Aris, well known for gadget speculations - and as the aftermath of insomnia, I hereby introduce you and you to it:
Pandora (to much greater demand following the Zorpa / Zoro fiasco / fresco). Please do not hesitate (or as the direct translation in Malev aircrafts has phrased it "Niwste aftopepithisi na epikoinwnisete me tis aerosinodous..") to simply add an entry (that being a singer / song / genre) and Pandora will open up creating a radio station following the given parameters. E, pale ivrame poskollio

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

e tin dame re paithkia...

thkiavazw tin jai niwthw sampos jai irta spiti meta pou enan terastio taksidi.

nai re. kserw se. epethimisa se.
arxigoi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY1xjzEG3sg&mode=related&search=

Kwdikos: Hande

[Awaiting Photo]

Litterae nihil sanantes

Poetry used to wake us up. Ezra Pound and Nikos Karouzos. The loud sun and the warmth of cracked radios and old tapes. No vowels. Helicopters blasting out weather reports. The window always half open, an urban post-it note of that other cerebrality, the feet. The re-creations of abstracted grids and enclosed cities after breakfast. Nothing to do with communality, nor sociability. These mornings were the proud equals of nights balancing at the edge of barstools, and the smile of last drops, the smile of last drops, the smile of last drops. An eye to an eye, hands akimbo, apart from the index and middle finger, caressing the asphalt, the ink-stained marbles with our elbows, our scapulae. The light here is not, and we find ourselves praying in front of fixtures and the momentary . The overcast generalisation of uniformity, of the others -note the plural- has substituted excess for overdraft. Decadence for weekends.

A/gain you say?

Monday, December 11, 2006

All I want for Christmas

is you...

with your independent suspension system, your extra shock absorbers, your hand powered window wipers, your removable seats, and your canvas roof...

think about it.
you and me, me and you.

Mood Indigo

There, there is the view from the table where we all sat, all four of us - but just you and me were drinking, drinking, drinking. There the table of June, with yoy, once, and shrimps, and the grilled squid. And there is that painting, the painting which no photograph would ever do justice, and thus not my photographs, but its own photographic reflection in the mirrors. Under it, my table of that September, the moment everything started. It could have been decdes ago, buat it's not. Not yet. And thus nostalgia hasn't yet settled and wants to still be that which feeds my everyday, it hasn't taken the back seat on this horrid ride, only to rush forward at times, at times not unlike this.The disctionaries have abandoned us, falling off the side of small tables, of filled tables, of alcoholic tables. There is that other table, there, the beer-table, in an ouzeri. And the usual table. There is the door, the pavement of the memories lived twice, always lived twice.

My fingers are oily again, the night has yet to come, and the breeze, the breeze and the smog interupts the ouzo, the cigarettes and the kiss.

Giving Up

How easy would it have been to blame the weather, the odour of my knitwear, the after-taste of nights that have only recently gone by. In a sudden, furious attack to all that has been stored, moments before the splendid moonlight. To lift my right index finger towrards a materiality that I have endorsed, to poke what will only be mine. How easy would it have benn to turn my ear away from the breath that haunts me, and has sustained me up to now, and fall pray -'hug!'- the meaningless cries of figures and numerals cubed.

Listening to the emphysima of my long nails at a stranger's wake, abruptly

"History teaches you that dictators never end up well." - Augusto Pinochet, December 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006


pou pai re je askomaha e itan na anevi na grafti akou, gia na graftis en kato eferasin athropo je ipe tous pos oi themelioi esahniasasin je eprepe na katevoun oulla mani mani ma itan na enikiazes jiolas pano eperimenasin na doun pos tha anevasis gin to grafeio e, oti eprolaves ekateviken jinon ine enna to katedafisi na gini parking i mithologia tou ipsous san poreia pros to ipsisto ennen pros katedafisi alla mallon epipleon je pou na pai na grafti tora? e sintigxanoun oi pano me tous allous kapou ennavroun na metakinithoun je i nea dieresi en jini pou erkete akrivos pou toutin tin aferesi tou vathous pou to ipsos san anaggea diastrofi - anti epistrofis - tou pollaplasiasmou je men anisihis kapou enna vrethi topos na ta volepsousin prosorina je vlepoume eto opos pamen enna ginoun oulla parking i aerodromia. ta podilatodromia pounta, i toulaxisto kanena palindromio

Macgyver's ultimate kit

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hello Roco'!

Bitting that last, loose peppercorn, sucking on the salt, one plus one songs to eat by.

always/pile γαμίστρα-mone polasela

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stirixte me jai en na gyrw panw mou

Warning: Not to be taken if any form of benzodiazepine medication has been used in the past 6 hours.
Oh! And good things come to those who wait.


Ekollithi i kardia mou
stin ammo tis sarkas
pou antisteketai stis skies
kai zita katalyma.

Poiitiko tharos kai mnimi tou xeheimwniasmatos. Psahnw ta arheia, opws mas dwthikan, sto ipio klima tis anoias, kai to iliolousto fthinwporo. Ta matia kleista, diadromi kai methi. Gastriki antikatastasi. Den ehw to mpalkoni tou kalinyhta pia, me fovizoun oi imerominies, kai xwrkizw to methepwmeno strefwntas to vlemma sta matia tou profiti.

Monday, December 04, 2006

And the winner is...

Feu! Eftyhws en en o Phil Collins. Eftyhws.

Oso gia tin Kypriaki tehni, o diagwnismos epetai.

yipyipyipyipyip vs børk børk børk

i've always been more of a muppet show fan.

but perhaps i never gave sesame street a chance.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Note to Self

Sto peras tou teliwmou, oi lexeis tou mellontos anikanes na dehtoun tin symvasi tou pothou ws antagwnistiko paihnidi.
Kathysterisi kai ponos katanoisis. Anatasi ws askisi. Kai metafora tou pathous apo to myalo sto stithos.
Ki opote.

Anameno tsigaro prosdiorizei tin nefeliki apousia. O hronos den me noiazei. Sto dromo apozitw to mpratso sou. Sto krevvati to metwpo sou sto diko mou swma. Kouvalitis tis mazas sou thelw na ginw. Stohos: i epnalapsi twn 7 vasikwn psifiwn.

Apropos the revolution

Vive le French!


From paper and labtop (sic)

Avanti o popolo.....

Sunday paper / Puzzles

Conceptual characterism, of French origin -though mimicking Italian brand name- yet still of the same address as its previously mentioned reverse.
Clue: In red, he can be spotted next to the sculptor.

[Egw eimai siouros o Deleuze en orthodoxos jai en monahos ston Ai-Neofyto. Aftoktonise jai pellares!]

Hide and Seek:
Follow the link to find whose heart has been hiding, after its official withdrawl from circulation, in Chile.

[Almost a pun there! Almost omws.]

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The necessity of exterminating G/C στρατοκαβλους; HERE AND NOW!

video published December 1st 2006
(post 06.00 min., please note the dangerous proximity with martyrs' videos)

fathership connection

"Η πρώτη μας δραστηριότητα ώς παράταξη υπήρξε αυτή η επιτυχής εκδήλωση το καλοκαίρι, που άφησε άριστες εντυπώσεις και προσέλκυσε τα πρώτα ενεργά μέλη.

Συγκεκριμένα, η ομιλία του Προέδρου της Ε.Φ.Ε.Ν. Ηλία Σπύρου ήταν καυστική και αποτελεσματικά μετάδωσε το μήνυμα της οργάνωσης πως ο αγών έχει πάρει σάρκα και οστά. Η ομιλία είναι on-line και μπορείτε να την διαβάσετε εδώ. Μίλησαν επίσης ο Μητροπολίτης Λεμεσού Αθανάσιος, και άλλοι εκλεκτοί καλεσμένοι."

(The Only Good Neighbour Is A Dead Neighbour!)

Friday, December 01, 2006

How on earth am I supposed to react to that?!

So long then Parachute.
So long, and thank you.

Have an obsession I can't escape from

[Itoun kapote katharos, me mia tsiefali panw tou tziai mia dipla tou, o kelletsis, + ean den lanthanomai sto topo pou me tsialimouthkia nouregief apefige tes 'sfairai dolofonikai' (07.00 am, 8th March 1970)]


[pou toutwn ton gkoulla telika eglitwsame i akoma iparxei thema anegerseis?]

Grafi ki Anagnwsi

...awaiting (one another at) the "limits of truth"

Christo, ehheis elies?
Jester, mipws eheis esy?


"Επίσης σκέφτηκα μήπως είναι καιρός να οργανωθεί και ένα Cyprus blog-sphere party. Μετά ξάπλωσα και μου πέρασε."

eeee. demetri. klefkoun tes idees mas.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

't's the time of the year...

After Syd

The Be Good Tanyas, "The Littlest Birds"

martial arts

"(...) με το μαχαίρι στον κροταφο (...)"
ps. kapou esinxisan tis polemikes meses kai ta xtipimata katw apo tin texni; either "me to pistoli ston krotafo" or "me to maxairi ston laimo"
organs without bodies (or the undead gaze of the Big Mac/Muggufin)
''Εάν και εφόσον επιτευχθούν οι στόχοι της οργάνωσης, αυτή θα αυτοδιαλυθεί και η όποια περιουσία θα βρίσκεται στην κατοχή της θα διατεθεί στον Αρχιεπίσκοπο Νέας Ιουστινιανούπολης και πάσης Κύπρου.''

(θα γραψω στην Ελληνικην μηπως και καταλαβετε)
Παρατηρησις Πρωτη - Νεας Ιουστινιανης και Οχι Νεας Ιουστινιανούπολης, μαλλον Πολη της Δικης σας Φαντασιας.
Παρατηρησις Δευτερη - Και εγω ο αδαης Ελλην Κυπριος που ενομιζα οτι το προβλημα μας ειναι η δημοσιευσης (ποσο μαλλον η αναδημοσιευσις)
Παρατηρησις Τριτη - Ε, λοιπον, εισαστε χωρκατες.

They just don't drink scotch in Ireland

(...) It has been in the family of a lady in Ireland for generations, and this is believed to be the first time in its history it has been offered at auction. (...)

Kiniste mou agwgi re! Kiniste mou agwgi!

"(...)Ο νομικός σύμβουλος μας εξετάζει επίσης την μερική και επιλεκτική απόσπαση στοιχείων από την ιστοσελίδα της παράταξης στην οποία αναγράφεται ρητώς ότι απαγορεύετε η αντιγραφή, χρήση και αναδημοσίευση των περιεχομένων της χωρίς την άδεια του ιδιοκτήτη της.(...)"

To pio panw einai apo to ananewmeno site tis EFEN.
Pera pou ekpliktika asteio, apotelei jai mia idiaiteri proklisi oso afora tin pnevmatiki idioktisia opws touti emfanizetai didiktiaka, kai di se dimosia prosvasima site.
Kalw osous diavazoun touto to post na antigrapsoun apospasmata -epilektika i stin olotita tous- apo to en logw site jai na ta anadimosiefsoun ws mia morfi elahistis antistasis ston proteinomeno fassismo kai stin aytarhiki nootropia pou proothei ohi mono touti i anakoinwsi tis EFEN, me tin anathesi se nomiko symvoulo "την έρευνα για λήψη νομικών μέτρων εναντίων όσων ασύστολα συκοφαντούν και ψεύδονται κατά της παράταξης και των μελών της" ma kai to ideologiko tis plaisio ws organwsi, to opoio en merei thewrw ws ek twn ithikwn aftourgwn tis viaiis klimakwsis tis parousias twn aftonwmwn, plin organwmenwn, fassisto-ratsistwn stous mathitikous -sholikous kai exwsholikous- kyklous kai hwrous. Hwris tin adeia tou idioktiti tis, enoeitai.


Eshei to sygratimeno hamogelo tou alkoolikou, idi. To mati tou paizei, tsiakarei pojei poda an en oula entaxei, an ouloi ehoun to poto tous. I joilia dedomeni, ta sherka hiasti sto perimene, jai pisw pou to bar pinei nero.

Yiothetiste ton!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Estate of the Late Syd Barrett

buy something of Syd's

starts at 667.

looks like he couldn't stop making things...



Saturday, November 25, 2006

san na je en akousa kala (?!?)

Ne! eipa na check-out-arw to site tis anatreptikis kirias Maragkou (pou thelei na kamei pezodromia stin geitonia mou) je kati san na je akousa:
'I Anna thelei na pethanei. O Markos oneirevete alla meri
Kapios tous eide na girizoun xeri me xeri.'

ws je o Pashalidis ishe kalitero epiteleio to totes.

on a different note...

Eshei sxedon 2 eftomades pou eimai theia..

diladi sxedon 2 eftomades pou uparxei toutos o mitsis. prepi na'n polla sixismenos.

[oi, oi... men panikovalleste, ennen tou magou]

Thursday, November 23, 2006

deiloi kai stin agapi mas kai sto misos pio deiloi.




Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pou ta skata sta kotsira

And yet again what remains the same is the inability to describe, to spell out the situation. How to pronounce the reverse theatrical mimesis of the state, the appropriation from one form of vilolence of all forms of violence and its representations, the elusive resurgent, the performativity of the repetition and the repetition of the act? One turns again to translation:"Ο ισχυρισμός οτι οι σκοποί της αστυνομικής εξουσίας ταυτίζονται παγίως ή απλώς και μόνο συνδέονται μ' αυτούς του ευρύτερου δικαίου, είναι απολύτως αναληθής. Πολύ περισσότερο που το 'δίκαιο' της αστυνομίας στην πραγματικότητα χαρακτηρίζει το σημείο εκείνο όπου το κράτος, είτε λόγω αδυναμίας, είτε λόγω των εμμενών συσχετισμών στο εσωτερικό κάθε έννομης τάξης, δεν μπορεί πλέον, μέσω αυτής της έννομης τάξης, να κατοχυρώσει τους εμπειρικούς του σκοπούς που επιθυμεί με κάθε τίμημα να επιτύχει. Ω; εκ τούτου, η αστυνομία επεμβαίνει σε πολυάριθμες περιπτώσεις 'χάριν ασφαλείας' όπου δεν υφισταταί σαφής νομική κατάσταση, όταν -χβρίς την παραμικρή σχέση με έννομους σκοπούς- συνοδεύει τον πολίτη ως επονείδιστο βάρος μιας ζωής ρυθμιζόμενης απο διατάξεις, ή, ακόμα χειρότερα, τον παρακολουθεί. Σε αντίθεση με το δίκαιο, το οποίο αναγνωρίζει στην καθορισμένη απο τον τόπο και το χρόνο 'απόφαση' μια μεταφυσική κατηγορία, επιτρέπωνυας έτσι την κριτική, η εξέταση του θεσμού της αστυνομίας δεν καταλήγει σε τίποτα το ουσιαστικό. Η εξουσία της είναι άμορφη, όπως η πουθενά απτή, αλλά ωστόσο διάχυτη, φασματική παρουσία της στη ζωή όλων των πολιτισμένων κρατών. Και ενώ η αστυνομία μπορεί μεμονωμένα να μοίαζει παντού η ίδια, δεν πρέπει να παραγνωρίζεται οτι το πνεύμα της είναι λιγότερο καταστρεπτικό όταν εκπροσωπεί, στην απόλυτη μοναρχία, την εξουσία του άρχοντα (ο οποίος κατέχει και την νομοθετική και την εκτελεστική εξουσία), παρά στις δημοκρατίες που η ύπαρξη της, καθώς δεν προκύπτει από καμμία τέτοια σχέση, μαρτυρά το μέγιστο εκφυλισμό βίας που μπορεί να συλλάβει κανείς."
Walter Benjamin, Για μια Κριτική της Βίας, μτφ. Λεωνίδας Μαρσίανος, Ελευθεριακή Κουλτούρα, 2002

Following the soundtrack, across a long, familiar thread, makes The Clash echo across your limbs.

An eye for an eye for an I.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

'mickey mouse' courses

17N, Politexneio: 'teties meres', imerominiakes imeres, mnimes Solwneiou deuterou orofou (anti-diadilwsis) - dipla i pio megali sillogi penguin classics - apovoli. xwris logotexnia, xwris semiotic references, para mono cheesy stixakia anerasta, ksenerwta. xwris tin sofi omoiokataliksia tou Solwmou. Simfwnw me ton Mpoukala je ton Marwniti:

Ανέντακτο και αδέσποτο το Πολυτεχνείο, δεν χώρεσε στην πληρότητά του στις παραγράφους της λογοτεχνίας (ενώ βέβαια δεν έλειψαν ποτέ, και δεν θα λείψουν, όσοι επιχειρούν να το εκτοπίσουν και από τις παραγράφους της Ιστορίας και της ιστοριογραφίας, περιδεείς μπροστά στο ποικιλότροπα ανατρεπτικό του μήνυμα). Και συμφωνεί εδώ κανείς με όσα έγραφε για τη λειψή λογοτεχνική δεξίωση της εξέγερσης ο Δ.Ν. Μαρωνίτης τέτοιες μέρες, τρία χρόνια πριν, στο «Βήμα»: «Καλύτερα ίσως έτσι, για να μείνει η έξοδος πραγματική εξαίρεση, τόσο ως πράξη όσο και ως λόγος. Πράγμα που σημαίνει πως αντιστέκεται από μόνη της: υπερασπίζεται ακόμη το δικό της εδώ και το δικό της τώρα απέναντι στο δικό μας εκεί και στο δικό μας τότε».

mono i skepsi kamenw skoupidiwn anarxikwn, a(s)ilwn, sikofantevei.

Ei, file mou, allo o demos ke allo o ochlos.

'The demos is always more or less than itself as it does not require the guarantee of a ground to which it could be reduced or a transcendental place from which it could be derived'
- Jeremy Valentine (on Ranciere)

Post-Ecstatic Pertika

The triumph is that almost 12 hours afterwards I do carry the taste around, as if it has comfortably stored itself somewhere between my tongue's tastebuds per se and my somatocensory cortex. From the Canapes and the Amuse-Bouche and the most joyful maitr d' in the whole world to the cheese cart at the end, inclusive of storage tips and extremely thin crispy toasted bread with asortments, from the openig bottle of champagne - a Deutz- upstairs at the bar to the old fashion, old world foie-gras with french beans and truffle shavings, to the wine and the way the wine was treated - with respect (3 people would test the bottle some times so as to be absolutely sure - and when they were not they would, after a mini conference, excuse themselves, and bring another botle - service ah?!) yet not as something to be arrogant or irritatingly 'precious' and 'snobbish' about- to the massive team of attentive and talkative staff keeping pre-emptive track of 8 peoples idiosyncrasies plus the meals of the rest of the restaurant and the way Michel Roux Jr. made an understated yet investigative and reassuring walkabout [Perikli klase mou ta arhidia!!!], the orgasmic cry has to read as Partridge! Partridge! Partridge! Whole Pot Roasted Partridge cooked with Sauerkraut, sliced chorizo and bacon served with potatoes and carrots and refreshingly cleansing 'game chips' (opws ta akoueis).

En xanamairefkw pote, tipote ospou na mathw na kamnw toulahiston ena piato. Ena efkolo piato, oi kati opws spinach and caviar baked lobster mousse, i red mullet and beef marrow toast in red wine reduction sauce.

Clap your hands. And again. And Again!

Mnimi Barman

En ipia panw pou 3-4 fores stin lemeso, jai i mia me ta krina jai ton oresti -"dwtes sykwtiou"- stin tee-pee (nomizw) pou to mesimeri ws ta agria haramata metaxy kouvalimatos, stisimatos jai xistisimatos kath'odon pros tin pafo, enw i alli se xenodoheio. I aenai pithanotita tis thalassas antikry apo tin mimitiki arhitektoniki eikonografia tis proodou, anexartitws dekaetiwn kai viwmenis istorias, mou prokalei ameristi katathlipsi, eidikotera otan skefotmai to pera ap'ta ktiria kai tin mesogeiaki paralia. Toulahiston i Lefkwsia pou megalwsa antihei to anikanopoiito, to imiteles, to prowro adiexodo. Etsi pote den ipia sto Gypsy's. Jai twra en tha piw pote. Kapioi ehoun, idi, mnimosyno. Tirwntas evlavika tin latreia twn oligwn, trofimoi allwste tou happy few, ta syllipitiria mas. S' oti potheitai.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Aparetiti kinisi, kathws to apasteriwto kouliazei mesa mas,
Afisa tin pikra ston diplo kafe
Me to poukamiso
kai ti stoli tis afaneias. Ekei
Thelw na se xanadw.
To hwma kai to gkri
To xylo, vrady.
To mble twn 06:33.
Drwmenoi heimwnes
Prwina. Ateleiwta
Gia 3 me 4 pota kai apleto nero.
Antillamvanese sto omorfo tsimento, panw apo ta zafeiria kai to metaxi tin simasia twn Lefkwsiatikwn bar.
Twn 2-3. Tou enos.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Daneiki eikonografia twn minwn.
Psifiaki i ypenthimisi tis prosforas tou dwrou se mia oikeiopoiousa oikonomia. Stolidi to athroisma kai
epanliptikotita. Mehri apousias
i epimoni sto kethreftizein.
Ormi tou allou, tsigaro.
Stis oules epanadrastiriopoiitai to swma.
Prostatis tou Habanero. Syllektis. Akroatis tou linou sto xylo.
Me piasmenes meses antikryzame to prwi metrwntas to epekeina me klwstes kai ladokolles.
Pia, ohi.

Den me koimizoun oi lexeis.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Jester, mporeis na to kameis na kamnei jai koupepia?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here we go, for real (the smoker knocks back)

Once upon a time, a group of Argentinian scientists had the idea of shooting Churchill to the ether from central London, that space beyond the sky being the only vacuum his cigars could carry on fuming. Now, Alexander Schoppmann found a way how to make money out of it.
For real!

Bye. Bye.

Adrienne Shelly
16 June 1966 - 1 November 2006

End Credits - Trust (1990)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

kypriaki kouzina

makari na ikseren parapanw kosmos yia oulles tes yenetzes pou trwsin ksilo stin kypro.

tzai pou panw pou oulla touta exoumen ton Mikellidi na lalei : "Fifty per cent of men who beat and kill their wives are alcoholics" the psychiatrist added. “Nothing can be done about it; apart from locking all these men in a tank full of water or feeding them with mental illness pills.”

Is that your expert opinion, Doctor? And is "mad" your medical, or technical, term?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Viva le Paxmanesque

Shall we start a library? How about from here

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Goodness me!

Yes, the title is actually F.B.I.
(for those that have seen it, and those that remember)
* pios tarantino tziai pellares, Petros Hrakleous oe oe oe

Stop Press

--- Michalakis Zampelas wrote:

> Agapite Dimitri,
> Evxaristw gia ti diapistwsi tis parousiasis
> fwtografias stin
> istoselida.
> Einai gnwsto oti I Manifesta sto telos swsta
> akyrwthike kai
> ek paradromis
> Xrisimopoii8ike h Fwtografia.
> Sou evxomai oti kalytero.


Agapite kyrie Zampela

Sas efharistw gia tin apantisi.
Rixte omws kai mia matia sto periehomeno tis selidas sas edw: http://www.zampelas.com.cy/project_41.html opou pistevw tha vrite kai mia alli ek paradromis parousiasi.
Oso gia tin Manifesta 6 kai tin akyrwsi tis poli liga pragmata einai gnwsta stin olotita tous.

Kali Epityhia


Friday, November 03, 2006

Ken, fae to kopri mou.

TREK Alpha 1200 '04 with Shimano Tiagra 9x3 gear system on Bontrega Select Road wheels with Contiental Ultra Gatorskin 700x23cc tyres, a Selle Italia SLR XP seat and an Airwing Low Profile handle bar.

Thanks to: Mom, Kostis, Katina, Themis and Jean Saoulli, Cyprus Airways, Evan's Cycles@Gray's Inn Road

PS. "Kwstaki katse panw kai efygame!" / "A pana'ia mou - Gliora jai en na mas fai i vourkara!"

The Perfect Bloody Mary

Kyries kai kyrioi, ladies in germany, prihou na einai arga, varte tin jiza sas dame. Dioti to osonoupo irte jai oi monon irten allan ji irten kai perireetai. (Sorry, kati efaa jai epiraxen me.)A call to arms.

Akoueis, ypsile dimosiografe Michali Ignatiou tou Tassou?

Twra, twra.

the hangover

The result of too much mutton and alcohol:

Installatation piece:
'The Coming Of the Ice Age;'
Artist: Orestis Lambrou.
Camberwell, 30th October.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Prime Cuts

Mutton at Camberwell, 28th October 2006

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Geia sou re Michalaki Polypragmwn!

Project 41 kyries kai kyrioi.
Ola gia sena!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Tha piw tis 'pyres mou!" Kokos

URBAN NOMAD, Dir. Orestis Lambrou, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Anefthino Post Or Irony As Midwife


(From protests in Budapest, 23 October 2006, 50 years after the Budapest uprisig of 1956)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pou paeis koukla mou!

From: http://www.phileleftheros.com.cy

«Τρέχουν» οι εργασίες
Νέο κτίριο επιβατών για το αεροδρόμιο Πάφου περί τα τέλη του 2008

Πάφος: Σε λειτουργία, περί τα τέλη του 2008, αναμένεται να τεθεί το νέο κτίριο επιβατών στο αεροδρόμιο Πάφου. Αυτό δήλωσε ο υπουργός Συγκοινωνιών και Έργων, Χάρης Θράσου ο οποίος επισκέφθηκε σήμερα το εργοτάξιο κατασκευής του νέου αερολιμένα της Πάφου. Όπως είπε, η κατασκευή του κτιρίου άρχισε τον Ιούνιο του 2006 και αναμένεται ότι θα συμπληρωθεί και θα τεθεί σε λειτουργία περί τα τέλη του 2008.
Οι κατασκευαστικές εργασίες, παρατήρησε ο υπουργός, προχωρούν με γοργούς ρυθμούς και βρίσκονται τουλάχιστον δύο μήνες μπροστά από το εγκεκριμένο χρονοδιάγραμμα του έργου. Για παράδειγμα, επισήμανε, σήμερα εκτελούνται εργασίες που σύμφωνα με το χρονοδιάγραμμα αναμενόταν να εκτελεστούν αρχές του 2007.

Σύμφωνα με στοιχεία του υπουργείου Συγκοινωνιών, για την κατασκευή του νέου κτιρίου επιβατών θα χρησιμοποιηθούν 11.000 κ.μ. σκυροδέματος, 950 τόνοι οπλισμού, ενώ το συνολικό μήκος των διασωληνώσεων θα είναι 9 km. * Θα διαθέτει επίσης χώρος στάθμευσης για 760 ιδιωτικά οχήματα, 36 λεωφορεία και 84 ταξί.

Το νέο κτίριο επιβατών του αερολιμένα της Πάφου διακρίνεται για το σύγχρονο σχεδιασμό του, είναι μια κατασκευή υψηλών προδιαγραφών, με συνολικό εμβαδόν 18.000 τ.μ. περίπου και χωρητικότητας 2,7 εκ. επιβατών το χρόνο, αναφέρουν τα στοιχεία του υπουργείου. Τα επίπεδα εξυπηρέτησης θα είναι ψηλού επιπέδου, με σταθερή ροή επιβατών, ανεκτές καθυστερήσεις και καλό επίπεδο άνεσης, σύμφωνα με το υπουργείο Συγκοινωνιών και Έργων.

Πηγή: ΚΥΠΕ

*Ji oute enas architektonas! Oute mia meleti!

Hurry! Ole!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Helsinki Jotter s\t

1. Nordenskioldinkatu, Pasila mornings
2. for Flann O'Brien (Holloway Rd. - Pimplico apr. - jul. 2006) (+ for Karen O \ Jonathan Ross)
3. (s) march open windows
4. kling klong, kling klong (sonic youth)
5. There is no evidence that Yves Klein was injured when leaping into the void
6. Helsinki 1(Night on Earth)
7. Να σπαζω αθασια στο Βερολινο
8. Monday, 10 June 2003 (Nottingham, early in the morning) (x)
9. Acton - Brussels return
10. Mannerheimintie
11. Οψιμος Νικος
12. for an aircrash at Amarillo, TX
13. Honda Integra (+) (dear operator can you provide Σιγανιδης, urgently)
14. invalid info
15. (r) Malet str. Λονδινο
16. Jerusalem Tavern, 55 Britton Street, Clerkenwell, LONDON, EC1M 5UQ (for the one in the picture, my likeness my brother, Paris \ Παρισι, Christos)
17. Soustou klwstou father mother sister brother
18. ombion

Oi villon!

Robyn Archer, Dicks don't grow on trees, from The Ladies' Choice, 1977

Yes alex, she has a site.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gia ton DJ Mago

Alexandra, pe tou.

Ear Appeal

Kati eipes ma en kalakouw logw tou oti to '74 epesan kati pompes dipla mou.

[Ear Appeal en o titlos mias ekthesis pou anoi'ei stin Vienni avrio. Thelw na paw, alla epeidi thelw na paw me to traino, en mia faousa lires jai karterw na perasei toutos o minas - simera eplirwthiken to enoikio kai oi misoi logariasmoi, ara mporei na ehw monon osa lefta kratw panw mou, kapou 25 lires- jai na doumen.]

Ena lepto na fkalw to roloi mou jai enohlei me.

To loipon: eimai stin diadikasia na grapsw kati gia to afti ws hwros parousias kai hwros proklisis tis siwpis. To afti oi mono ws anatomiko antikeimeno jai ws viologikes diergasies ma jai ws interactive element me diafores politistiko-koinwnikes praxeis. Pou to kopsimo tou afkiou to Rwmaiou stratiwti sto Kipo tis Gesthimanis jai to kopsimo (kommathkiou tou) afkiou to Van Gogh ws ta prosthetika afkia tou Selarc, tis otoaspides jai tous tilefwnikous thalamous / telephone enclosures, to afti stin tainia Blue Velvet se shesi me tous otolithous, ton Gargantua jai to rolo tis akois stin philosophia tis mousikis tou Teddy. Oula touta san mia episismi eisagwgi stin Spatio-Cultural istoria tis Siwpis pou -egw ftaiw, jai i kelle mou- apofasisa na me apasholei ws akadimaiki erevna. Na mes ta mathkia!

Na ms ta mathkia dioti ekollisa. An to 1952 se ena gerimo radiostathmo stin Pensilvania efarmostike gia prwti isws fora to '7 second delay' ws mia idiotypi morfi aposiwpisis, logokrisias kai apodotikis leitourgikotitas sta plaisia twn kanonoismwn anametadwsis, twra ta daktyla mou mporei na katsarizoun elefthera ma stin thea tis lefkis selidas / othonis eta oula jiame jai eshei jai ena mina. Oula touta epeidi prepei na arkepsw na peripoioume tin episimi mou selida sto webpage to department, isws, epeidi prepei na allaxw 'perivallon'. San na jai en allaxw spiti - pale! Ma en jai mia periergi foviki antidrasi stin ekfora (tis) siwpis. Gamw to Wittgenstein mou gamw!

Pws na miliseis oi mono gia tin apousia ma jai gia tis technologies -istoriko-politiko-politistika- proklisis tis?

Etsi, opws kathoume dame me ton kafe mou, jai pera pou ta afkia peleka ti siwpi mou mia faousa alla projects, eipa na kopsoumen kammia kouventa. Ela, akoueis?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I go' ka(t)i pa(r)ees tzik' ast' enmonton', ma cousin, koullis hill be e gofader tis koris mou

* toutin ti fwni pou kamnei to voice over, kapou tin e3anakousw

Mus Cypriacus

Po' toutous exoumen pollous, do3a to theo. En' Giwrki! Tziai po' touta. Shieftallies dakatw en eshiei alla eshiei po' tountous.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Drakouna-Style post, me parapono omws*

E oi re Scarlet mana mou! E oi! Toutos en pio omorfos pou mena?!
Kyrie eleison pion! Kyrie eleison!

*Dioti eishen na spasw.

Περι ανεμων και υδατων

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pe mou, esy stin Fi'landia vriskeis shieftalies?

"Music that remains true to itself would rather not exist at all, would rather (..) be extinguished, than betray its essence by holding fast to existence."


"... a brief heightened experience meassured not according to time but intensity and awareness."

Morton Feldman, Intermission V (1952) [Steffen Schleiermacher piano, recording date: June 5, 1993]

And now for something completely difering

Enw o kosmos mashete na evrei new cultural initiatives gia koukides edafous opws i Lefkosia, enw alloi mahounte na ginoun hartoriktes, jai na provlepsoun to mellon, enw taftohrona pidoun ishiapanw me tin paramikri trivi tous me exousiastikes morfes elenhou jai vouroun na fyoun anti na tous deixoun na katalavoun ouloi mazi, enw 2 plasmata edwkan se all 2 plasmata $1.65bn epeidi to mellon pou eidasin jai oi 4 tous en panomiotypo me to parellethon -gemato diafimistikous prologous jai 'horigies'- stous idious dromous pou o fasismos xanageniete ex aristerwn anakataskevzete i ennoia tis syllogikis efthinis kai tou dimosiou hwrou ws praxi kai proslipsi.

O Adorno trava ta vyzia tou Baudrilliard diladi.

Here, More


a perfectly shocking post

i don't often feel the urge to fuck women.
but in this case i did.

(one day, i'll figure out how to upload youtube files onto the blog)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dingi! ... Dingi! Dingi!

Google buys Youtube for $1.65 billion. Kai gia alli mia fora opoiadipote pithanotita dimiourgias mias allis morfis amfidromwn shesewn epistrefei kai epistrefete sta symvatika exousiastika montela. Idi epikyronounte oi symfwnies tis Googlevideo kai tis Youtube - xehwrista - me etairies mousikis paragwgis kai tileoptika dyhtia oso afora to copyrighted content sta sites tous. To opoio nai men pouleite ws parahwrisi dynatotitas ston hristi na parakolouthei- 'to access'- touta oula ta skata pou fkalei i Universal jai i Warner Bros, alla stin pragmatikotita eni i epivoli dasmwn kai i metatropi enos dihtyou / net-work se ierarhimeno feudo. Se syndyasmo me tin prosfati anakoinwsi toutou dame tou hostsite - blogspot - oti en tha mporei na kamnei upload mouhtin 'non-blog' content, protrepwntas mas na pame na kamoume accounts allou [des: Youtube] kai tin ekpliktiki ataka oso afora 'Google's mission' : "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" (useful?! pale! ampa jai deite to a-hristo na provallei!) irten i wra na anathewrisoumen tin shesi mas me ton kyrion internet en genei?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

E, jai hey re haha!

Sorry, a!

Blog 1925

1 oktwvri. Nixta.

Ki allos enas minas. Stigmes pou i zwi ginetai ena oneiro gia mena; ena oneiro kai tipote allo: xwris arxi, xwris telos, opou ta panta xoropidoun, asinartita. Kathe mera, mia volta tis vidas parakatw. Me mathimatiki akriveia.
Simera agorasa ena paketo tsigara Maryland gia na xanagirisw. Kapnizontas ta, eniwsa ti kria staxti.

Paraskevi, 2 oktwvri. Nixta.

Skoteinazei; twra einai sxedon nixta, otan pernoume to apogematino mas. To ilektriko den exei dinami. Γέψη του χειμώνα. Kapnizw aggliko kapno sti palia mou pipa ke vriskw ps i monaksia mou sto Londino itan kali. Wstoso ki ekei me piran ta dakria ena vradi, otan diavasa:

A sunny day we shall go.

O anthrwpos einai panta diplos: ekeinos pou prattei, ki eneikos pou vlepei ton eauto tou na prattei; ekeinos pou aisthanetai, ki ekeinos pou paratirei ton eauto tou na aisthanetai. Otan lew egw, ti ennow, to egw mou A i B? Ki auto deixnei pws einai sxedon adinato na einai kaneis eilikrinhs.

Giwrgos Seferis, Meres 1925-1927

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

Agent Unkle Bill Lee Reporting On The Island (excerpt from Naked Lunch)

The Island was a British Military and Naval station directly opposite the Zone. England holds the Island on yearly rent-free lease, and every year the lease and permit of residence is formally renewed. The entire population turns out, attendance is compulsory, and gathers at the municipal dump. The President of the Island is required by custom to crawl across the garbage on his stomach and deliver the Permit of Residence and Renewal of the Lease, signed by every citizen of the Island, to The Resident Governor who stands resplendent in dress uniform. The Governor takes the permit and shoves it into his coat pocket:
"Well," he says with a tight smile, "so you've decidedto let us stay another year have you? Very good of you. And everyone is happy about it?... Is there anyone who isn't happy about it?"
Soldiers in jeeps sweep mounted machine-guns back and forth across the crowd with a slow, searching movement.
"Everybody happy. Well that's fine." He turns jovially to the prostrate President. "I'll keep your papers in case I get caught short. Haw Haw Haw." His loud, metallic laugh rings out across the dump, and the crowd laughs with him under the searching guns.
The forms of democracy are scrupulously enforced on the Island. There is a Senate and a Congress who carry on endless sessions discussing garbage disposal and out house inspection, the only two questions overwhich they have jurisdiction. For a brief period in the mid-nineteenth century, they had been allowed to control the dept. of Baboon Maintenance but this privilege had been withdrawn owing to absenteeism in the Senate.
The purple-assed Tripoli baboons had been brought to the Island by pirates in the 17th century. There was a legend that when the baboons left the Island it would fall. To whom or in what way is not specified, and it is a capital offense to kill a baboon, though the noxious behaviour of these animals harries the citizens almost beyond endurance. Occasionally someone goes berserk, kills several baboons and himself.
[...] His presurgery face emerged in an arc-light of incandescent hate....He began to spit curses in the hideous, strangled gutturals of the Island dialect.
The Islanders all profess ignorance of the dialect or fiatly deny its existence. "We are Breetish," they say. "We don't got no bloody dealect."

Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's getting darker a lot earlier again. it's raining a lot more too. and for some strange reason the fan on my computer makes a sound like crickets on a hot august afternoon, so occasionally i don't know where i am. no bearings at all in fact. no orientation to speak of. even when sitting in one place, motionless. and i wonder how often do we displace ourselves? and how often do we misplace others?
i've never been one for prayers.
i'd rather cross bridges.

More Umbrella Shots

Key words: Damazw, Megali, Pragmati.

PS. Prosohi (Kwsti) ston Demetrakin to api'itouri.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Assos Afiltra Kasetina

Gorazw ta mpoukalia tou tote kai koitw tin monadiki fotografia pou akomi kouvalaw mazi mou - tosa hiliometra. Methysmeni. Psahnw ta omoia ki epivevaiwnete i apostasi. Me nero, isiha, akouw to pezodromio. Metra monaha makria ma ametrites maties na menoun, pia, mones. Kratw to metopo opws esy tote to diko mou. Afinw to metwpo sta heria opws esy egernes to diko sou stou poukamisou mou tous omous. Se toses poleis. Na apologithw, na mempsimirisw - i prodiathesi kai to epakoloutho tis agrypnias. Na se xypnisw, ekei dipla ap' to pithano swma, i to keno, pou koimase - t' whiskey. Hairomai ta melania kai ta pionia pou zeisame, to prwto kai to telftaio fili, t' afiltra, to hioni kai tin nekri helwna, harama. Polonaise, 022, Sokolata Ygeias, to Total Bitch twn Closer, ta Krina sto Gagarin, ena Rockwave, Trito Programma -se treis toulahiston glwsses-, portokalia stin Peiraiws, ta synora Elvetias-Germanis, Evelyn Waugh, metamesonyhtio Parisi, to mple, to tyrkouaz, to kokkino kai ta prwina sto krevvati sou. Etsi.

Christe Mou!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Theie!

What The Fuck?

Changes to your blog

What's changing: Soon, we will be retiring the Blog*Spot Plus feature from Blogger.
Features of Blog*Spot Plus include FTP access, non-blog uploads and subdirectory creation. We have added a warning icon () to your Dashboard to indicate which of your blogs is a Plus blog. Click the icon to see this message again.
What this means for you: This will not affect your blog much.
We'll continue hosting all content you've uploaded to this point and you'll be able to update your blog with text and images, just like always. But, you will no longer be able to upload non-blog content or have FTP access to the content you've already uploaded.
What you can do: You have two options for future hosting.
Stick with blogspot hosting. This does not require any action on your part. All your old content will be exactly the same and you'll be able to update your blog and post images using Blogger.com.
Move to an external hosting service. If you want to continue to upload non-image files and have FTP access to your blog content, you will need to obtain external hosting on your own before the Blog*Spot Plus feature is discontinued. We will send you an additional reminder closer to this date, too.
If you have any questions, please see our Blogger help article.

Grace and Appetite
(je har' stin oreksi)

Ali in an Art Gallery looking at Paintings...
Ali : Who be dis cheeky lickle lady?
Guide : It's a friend of Van Gough
Ali : She look like she just been having??
Guide : She doesn't look very happy.
Ali : Perhaps she just been taken up the wrong 'en or something?

Ali in the Royal opera house...
Ali : Look at dis. It's the royal opera 'ouse. Don't it look rubbish? That's why they is spending 25 billion squid to try to make it look like the John Nike Leisure centre in Bracknell.
Ali : Why is it that so many of the singers 'ere are so terribly fat?
Guide : They're not all fat.
Ali : Is it because of the discrimination that you is letting all of the fatties in?
Ali : What is the acoustic like in 'ere.
Guide : It's brilliant.
Ali : Wicked.
Guide : Try it.
Ali : So, if you wanna sample some culture you can spend fifty squid ona night out at the opera or me can get you a bag of skunk DIS BIG.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Apropos Paul Celan and Stelios Kazantzidis

Ash. Ash.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Signification, which is the only function of a word admitted by semantics, reaches perfection in the sign. Whether folksongs were rightly or wrongly called upper-class culture in decay, their elements have only acquired their popular form through a long process of repeated transmission. The spread of popular songs, on the other hand, takes place at lightning speed. The American expression "fad", used for fashions which appear like epidemics — that is, inflamed by highly-concentrated economic forces — designated this phenomenon long before totalitarian advertising bosses enforced the general lines of culture. When the German Fascists decide one day to launch a word — say, "intolerable" — over the loudspeakers the next day the whole nation is saying "intolerable." By the same pattern, the nations against whom the weight of the German "blitzkrieg" was thrown took the word into their own jargon. The general repetition of names for measures to be taken by the authorities makes them, so to speak, familiar, just as the brand name on everybody's lips increased sales in the era of the free market. (Adorno & Horkheimer, Dialektik der Aufklärung)

if you haven't ever watched this...

...you should start doing so now.

Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast (e.g.)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006


To roz tou 1926 einai tholo.
Itan tholo sto diafragma twn vouvwn.
(na sou kamw mia tianisi antrea mou?)
Oi skepseis den einai aerovoles mpales tou golf sta ditika tis lefkwsias (5km - Nevada, Las Vegas - 28is Oktwvriou) ma xelwnonintzakia. Anazitwntas ta antikeimena pou swriazoun tin axrwmatopsia twn prwinwn.
Estise ston toixo ton Nwe kai tn Afroditi tis Milou, kai arxise na tous simadevei me koukoutsia elliwn. Mexri pou tis ekopse to xeri k' aftounou t' arxidia.
(p.s 'Nwe, ti tha fame simera?' / O Jean-Pierre Brisset efkalen ta laima tou na mas pisei oti oi vatraxoi miloun Gallika, dioti dithen to coa.coa en qui)


Fylaw tis lexeis na mou vrethoun ki arnoume na prodwsw to sfyrigma mou. Depeche Mode kai filleta stis Spetses. Apehw ap' tin Poli kai to plirwnw ws oikodespotis. Zw etsi me tin myrwdia tou allou kai ta prwina whiskeya. Ashetws proelefsews i daktylografisi paramenei i apousia tis echo. O Narkissos me backlight. Fate matia psaria kai sardelles st' ampelofylla. Aeras ypogeiou egkainiazei tin proslipsi tou hwrou mines meta tin afixi. Skoni to parellthon pou i hwra tis enilikiwsis mas klironomise, mazi me ton palimpaidismo tou exwterikou kai tin aiwniotita tis nyhtas. Enhwrion proion.

Ta kalwdia den epitrepoun tin opsi kai i akoi einai daneismeni. Fin ji arche.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

College of 'Pataphysics

"I'm Marxist, with Groucho leanings" (fanella)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lalei mou: E ethkiavases to; Ti enomises;

Jai skeftomai egw. Skeftomai: Nai re, arese mou. Areskei mou o tropos pou laleis istories, o tropos idika pou sundeeis idees jai diafora gegonota, erkountai oulla kuklika, jai areskei mou pou ginontai diafora pramata, ennow, se diafora epipeda, ara ennen anangki na pollo katexw pou ta endiaferon sou, epeidi, sto katw katw en polla ta pramata pou laleis, ennen yia to Virtuoso pou grafeis vasika, alla yia oulla ta pramata pou ton perikuklonoun.. diladi, oulla ta pramata pou perikuklonoun mas oullous. Etsi eskeftika.


Lalw tou: E... en lion... "eclectic" enne; Ennow sou... Grafeis sta kupriaka. Diladi, se mia dialekto tin opoia lioi miloun, akoma pio lioi en sunithismeni na thkiavazoun, jai stin opia akoma pio lioi grafoun. Ara, idi, en esheis pollous anagnwstes. Jai oi monon touto, grafeis yia hip hop. Jai oi mainstream hip hop, alla underground hiphop. Jai oi monon underground alla grafeis me leptomeria yia enan agnwsto kalamaroamerikano dj... Diladi re, milas yia enan thema me ton opoion polla lios kosmos asxolite, jai oi parapanw en katexoun kupriaka, jai jinoi pou katexoun en filoi sou pou emathan yia to hip hop pou sena. Ara re.. nomizw oti to blog sou en lion "eclectic".

Jai meta pou kapoies meres... esuniditopoiisa...


Gamw to. Grafw pas'sto ombion.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

frozen sundays avec soutzoukakia palyria

Last night I accidentally kicked the moon, but it was not full thus it did not roll or spill - Fellini was not a lunatic, no traces of foam off his mouth, when shooting the moon, when listening to it (1990) (Benigni perhaps is), or even Alan Parker that same year he built the wall shot the moon down as well (1982)
walking down Helsinkinkatu - there are no aliens here, no street, road, place, mews, crescent, avenue, rise, lane, way, grove, park, gardens, alley, arch, path, walk, broadway, promenade, gate, terrace, vale, view or hill, no aliens like George Mikes' 'How to become an alien' (acquired: sept. 2002, on departure by D.) - simply katu (AKA kantouni) or tie - formalism cast concrete resembling the monument To the Conquerors of Space outside the VDNKh in Moscow / pink was faint back then, 'pink is better than black. but the two harmonize', that makes grey, good-grey
back: epias to paplwma sou re nikolaki? Tziai to paplwma, tziai mia lemonada, tziai ena dekaliro me 2 tappous tis pennas – mia ountzia me t’antera. Ma irte, irte, irte? Pios empou irte? Oi mono irte alla tz’ iirten – aise perkei mou rapsei kanena poukamiso.
“you have reached the page on which this book’s previous owner decided to give up” (cabinet magazine), yet, Ulysses (with verted and inverted commas) is unfinished, not on long benches (wrong places avec wrong people, Dublin), not standing upright on the periphery of museums (Berlin), not in the 'city of museums' (quoting CYPRUS AIRWAYS video clip upon landing onto LCA - 35°09´35"N, 033°29´18"E, Elevation 123m (403ft) - referring to Nicosia, despite that they only mention one)
(“aigia kotsini pou paeis” arthografei me maestria o S. Kossiaris se mia analisei ton parallilwn viwn maxla kai trattou)
to back: from Helsinki with a duvet and a certificate for roll (Kilaidonis), at last I found a descent coffee blend.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hercule Poirot Rocks!

Holiday Snapshots mid-September

Thursday, August 03, 2006

ate re. men fieis.
tosous kalous giatrous jai akoma pethaniskis?
en sou ipan oti to kapnizma vlaftei?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Ei'es ton? Ei'en ton kanenas?
[O praktoras tou ombion / i-hell-'s-bollah stin finlandia edw se palaioteri fotografia pa' sto giofyri tou Waterloo, prospathontas na apofasisei an tha krousei to South Bank oulon i monon ta Houses of Parliament. Kwdiki onomasia gia simera:23]


ena kipriotiko skets
ena sketto, ena gliki
mia fasaria
ena apsiourito, panaia mou
to avrio egine twra, fronimou pedi
'oi kale'
'e intalos'
kwstis copy and paste
nokia, 22666000 en'taxi parakalw
i zwi mas: 'irtame se lathos topo me lathos anthropo'
gia sena touto re, i prwti en tou agnwstou,
i deuteri tou stratiwti,
i triti en tou irwa
geia mas
on the longest bench ever encountered
inside the jewish museum

Sunday, July 30, 2006

the rise of the slightly moustached redish-brown haired ladies

one must always match flights and books

on a plane which fails to take off three times, takes off with an engine that still sounds faulty, this is the captain speaking do not panic, lands again to pick up more weight and again sounds like a disaster when it takes off

I must admit I have read many books. When I disappear, all those volumes will change imperceptibly; the margins will become wider, the thought more cowardly. Yes, I have talked to too many people, I am struck by that now; to me, each person was an entire people. That vast other person made me much more than I would have liked. Now my life is surprisingly secure; even fatal diseases find me too tough. I'm sorry, but I must bury a few others before I bury myself.

on a plane, going back to a new place, with just a pair of trousers, a shirt and a memory stick, [only] the first chapter of the greek translation

Στην περίπτωση της έννοιας του Άλλου ως έκφρασης ενός δυνατού κόσμου στα πλαίσια ενός αντιληπτικού πεδίου, οδηγούμαστε στο να θεωρήσουμε με νέο τρόπο τις συνιστώσες αυτού του πεδίου ως προς αυτό το ίδιο: ο άλλος, χωρίς να είναι πλέον ούτε υποκείμενο του πεδίου, ούτε αντικείμενο εντός του πεδίου, θα αποτελέσει τον όρο βάσει του οποίου αναδιανέμονται όχι τα περιθώρια και το κέντρο, το κινιτό [πράγμα] και το σημείο αναφοράς, το φευγαλέο και το ουσιαστικό, το μήκος και το βάθος...

then, on a flight that resides in the midst of a journey, between waking and sleep, waiting for further feet and trains, so that you lose half of the book because you read it in your sleep, such as

- You remind me of Antisthenes, the prophessor said, a disciple of Gorgias, the sophist. It is said of him that none could tell if he were bitterer against others or against himself. He was the son of a noble and a bond-woman. And he wrote a book in which he took away the palm of beauty from Argive Helen and handed it to poor Penelope.
Poor Penelope. Penelope Rich.
They made ready to cross O'Connell street.


and on going back, for the first time, with no foolish patience for irrealisms or sufficient reasons, quite willing to abandon literature

Everything here seems chaotic. Do you see those little streams? Not one of them runs in a straight line. And those ponds, which are neither round, nor square, nor oval, nor regular in any shape or form? And all these little pointed particles sticking up like bristles all over the globe and which have torn the skin off my feet? [...] Frankly, what makes me think there is no one here is that, as I see it, no one with any sense would want to live here.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Allocating happiness

In psychology, in the bottomless fraud of mere inwardness, which is not by accident concerned with the 'properties' of men, is reflected what bourgeois society has practised for all time with outward property. The latyer, as a result of social exchange, has been increased, but with a proviso dimly present to every bourgeois. The individual has been, as it were, merely invested with property by the class, and those in control are ready to take it back as soon as universalization of property seems to endanger its principle, which is precisely that of with-holding. Psychology repeats in the case of properties what was done to property. It expropriates the individual by allocating him its happiness. Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia, #39

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Gloup! Kati evrwman alla...let's wait and see.

Spare a Camera?

A call for food and film stock for Beirut and Lebanon people.
Kouvertes jai odontopastes stelnoun alloi.

Belated (or) Yes!

And in the absence of anything to chronicle the present, a dedication, paraphrased, for what is to be left behind, as a chronicle of this present:

And I hope all men [sic] / Who think like this / Will soon lie / Underground


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i admire cucumber slicers. but i live for weavers.

Dem: eskeftika... "paralipomena publishings." enna'theles na 'soun paralipomeno keimeno?

episis eskeftika oti i maza eshei moutti opws tou romeous, jai ennathelen moutti opws tis kleopatras. i think the sphinx was built by aliens who had come from the future after having kidnapped and examined michael jackson. [ematha arxaia istoria pou ton goscinny jai ton underzo].

eskeftika oti i kathe kata-
en poiisi.
oti i poiisi en patheima.
oti sinexia o kosmos xtizi paradisous. oti
peftoume pou tin glwssa
se erga.
oti o mythos en jame pou arkefki
i logotexnia
jai jame pou teliwni [borges].
that speech
is a mouth [creeley].
oti o,ti vriskw,

so forgive me if I relapse...into my dream of an art unresentful of its insuperable indigence and too proud for the farce of giving and receiving. "Three Dialogues" Beckett

Thursday, July 20, 2006

On the Wire

Aneipwa apota nera. Konta mas i Skwtia kai to Suffolk. I hara tis katanalwsis kai tis grammatoseiras thoryvou. Gymna vradia, demi boukalia kai hwris perithoria ideata. Fyllometroume ta parke kai peristasiaka matonoume. Caught in the centre of a soundless field / While hot inexplicable hours go by. O ypnos adynatos. Perimenontas to epomeno deltio psithirizei Give us the tools. I mnimi sta oria tis.Apla vimata. O kathreftis Fevrouario. Thelima agkalis se omoia krevvatia me ekeina pou i monaxia xanamoirastike. Tymase; Adynatei oti palia ormwname. Diko mas mono, pleon, to diakaws. Kai to ateliwto.

Xanakouw thravsmata kai pethymw sas.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


'Perfect Light'

There you are, in all your innocence,
Sitting among your daffodils, as in a picture
Posed as for the title: 'Innocence.'
Perfect light in your face lights it up
Like a daffodil. Like any one of those daffodils
It was to be your only April on earth
Among your daffodils. In your arms,
Like a teddy bear, your new son,
Only a few weeks into his innocence.
Mother and infant, as in the Holy portrait.
And beside you, laughing up at you,
Your daughter, barely two. Like a daffodil
You turn your face down to her, saying something.
Your words were lost in the camera. And the knowledge
Inside the hill on which you are sitting,
A moated fort hill, bigger than your house,
Failed to reach the picture. While your next moment,
Coming towards you like an infantryman
Returning slowly out of no-man's-land,
Bowed under something, never reached you -
Simply melted into the perfect light.

-Ted Hughes

Loss only works in a state of transference from one reader to the next.

I read, therefore, I lose?

Monday, July 17, 2006

on st-st-st-st-atic

phenomenome -
phomenolo -
phenome - (vlakas)
nolo -
nenolo -

do i dream of huts? do you? not much one can do about oneirc guilt but constant aglutination.
return to the one fish two fish three fish blue fish of life.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Klemeni Epexigisi

Κάτι χειρότερο από άνεργος...

...- αιωρούμενος. Όχι μόνο δεν έχω συγκεκριμένη δουλειά - δεν ξέρω ούτε σε ποιόν επαγγελματικό χώρο ανήκω.

Ποτέ δεν ήξερα. Παντού ένιωθα απ' έξω. Κι αν δεν το ένιωθα εγώ, φρόντιζαν οι εκάστοτε συνάδελφοι να το αισθανθώ. Ούτε οι διαφημιστές παλιότερα με αποδέχθηκαν, ούτε πιο πρόσφατα οι δημοσιογράφοι. Όσο για τους συγγραφείς...

Καμιά φορά ζηλεύω αυτούς που έχουν ένα πλαίσιο εργασίας. Υποχρεώσεις, ωράριο, ιεραρχία, συνδικαλισμό. (Δεν υπάρχει χειρότερος και σκληρότερος εργοδότης από τον εαυτό σου.)

Ανεργία. Όχι επειδή δεν βρίσκω δουλειά. Αλλά επειδή δεν ξέρω που να την ζητήσω.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So that's what s/he meant, Or "...the truth, eh, the truth..."

The headlines of the post-script: Haunted Commentarian Remark

Monday, July 10, 2006

12 / La Part Maudite

Μήπως είμαι τρελός
μήπως τα 'χω χαμέvα
πoυ ακόμα πιστεύω θα γυρίσεις σε μένα.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I am not afraid.-

And while you are at it, can I get some jugged kippers and two poached eggs with my paper please? We 've got to take heart today. Thanks. / Catch up later over steak and chips or a pie or something. Off to Jermyn Street.

Interlude: Could really do with a (large) bloody mary. I'll just pop into The French House.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Allaxa Friki

Synithisa na klonizomai

Daneia omilias, apomesimero, gia na perigrapsw to simera

Ciao Bella

Or Propositions on the Dancing Subject

I entopiotita kai o entopismos tis kath'ola yposhetikis praxis pou diagrafei i meta-kinisi mesa sta plaisia tou symvatika efiktou anagrafei to a-dynato. To a-dynato, anagnwrizwntas tin taxinomisi tis opoias apotelesma einai kai i dynami kai to efikto, ws paragwgo meta-kinisis, diladi ana-hwrisis pros tin chora tou aenaou, afwmiownei tropon tina entos tou ta charaktiristika ekeina tou dynatou se vathmo pou i opoiadipote katahrisi tous, i opoiadipote anadomisi tous, na einai mi anagnwrisimi. Kai ws ek touto omoia me to mi genomeno, ontas a-dynato, to opoio mia psychri logiki tha periegrafe me ton oro adynato. I archiki morfi omws pou daneizei i yposhetiki tis meta-kinisis, mia meta-gewgrafiki praxi katheafti, epitrepei sto a-dynato ohi mono morfes ypostasis, ma kai morfes ana-tasis. Omoia tis ekastote prokeimenis meta-kinisis ehoun sto parellthon yparxei pampola. Simulacrum of previous passions and prelude to other substitutes, gia na daneistoume tin hiliodaneiszmeni frasi tou Walter Benjamin. Ma i ekastote prokeimeni -kai etsi synkekrimeni- meta-kinisi, ws praxi yposhetiki, afinei, kathe fora, na diagrafei to a-dynato ws entopisimos choro-chronos, agnwstou par'ola afta pro-orismou kai apo-telesmatos. Simasia ehei i yposhetiki arche toutis tis praxis pou anadiamorfenei tin genikoteri phenomenologiki empeiria tou ypokeimenou se shesi me to einai, xanagrafwntas me midamines kiniseis to ti mporei na lehtei pera apo to dynata (kai to) ortho.

Gia afto goustarw ton Gattuso.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Exakolouthouse na enthousiazetai, na arpazetai, n' arpazetai tropon tina apo mesa pros ta exw, ap' to poukamiso prwta kai meta ap'to sakaki, na ton arpazei diladei, na to enthousiazei se tetoio vathmo touto to kynigi. To kynigi tis synhronis eikonografias tis pleon liminal praxis, tis pleon synoriaka proswpikis praxis, tis pleon anti-koinwnikis praxis endokoinwnika, tou kafe-me-tsigaro, tou tsigaro-me-kafe, tou kafetsigarou, opws to skeftike mia nyhta, mia zesti nyhta, mia nyhta hwris whiskey, pou to mono pou tou 'he apomeinei, to mono exon 3000 tosa vivlia, 3 viliothikes kai miso dwmatio vivlia, to mono pou tou 'he apomeienei itan kafes kai ena paketo tsigara, ta teleftaia, ton enthousiaze na pasheni kai itan haroumenos, poli haroumenso, otan ta vradia, epsahne, kynigouse, apo to ena lnk sto allo, afto pou zouse, afto pou zouse apo dipla omws, ton kafe me to tairi tou, monos. Ton enthousize na vriskei, akoma, photografies, enos kafe, misou tsigarou, dyo matiwn, dyo heiliwn kai mias mytis. Photografies me kafe kai tsigaro kai kapno kai ahna, kai mallia kai daktyla. Aftopou zouse apo dipla, ton enthousiaze na to psahnei, tin eikonografia tou diladi. Mikri prosthesi st' aheia tis arheiothetisi ki afto. Isws. Spania o idios, par'oles tis gnwseis, par'olo ton exoplismo, spania, pote shedon, pote se xenous, spania se gnwstous, pote i shedon pote den sikwne tin mihani na prosthesei sto arheio touto. Ap'ti mia i epignwsi tis monaxias, tis apolafsis tis monaxias, tis monaxias me kafe kai tsigaro, epevale tin prostasia tis kai ohi ton diamerismo tis se pixel i kadra i gwnies lipseis. Ki ap' tin alli, to kynigi , i exerevnisi kai i anakalypsi totutis tis eikonografias itan praxi wrwn pou ta cafe, ta bar, ta kafenia, ta coffee houses eihan kleisei. EIhan kleisei m' aftos ta pethymouse kai etsi ta psahne apo dw, ta psahne apo kei kai ta vriske, poto apo dw, pote apo kei, kai ta ferne mazi tou, diladi sto spiti tou, mesa, edw, mazi tou, tetoies wres. Den milouse, den epsahne kati to opoio the eperne apo afti tin eikonografia, aftes tis photografies, na tou dwsei lexeis, ohi. I eikonografia mono tou arkouse, mono afti, i eikonografia ws mnimi tou prwino pou efyge ki anamnisi enos prwinou pou tha rthei, edw, mesa, mazi tou, tetoia wra. Mehri ekeini ti stigmi, apenanti se ekeini ti photografia, apenanti, se ekeino to kafe, se ekeino to tsigaro, apenanti se ekeino to kafetsigaro, apenanti se ekeino to proswpo, apenanti se ekeino ton kapno, se ekeina ta matia, apenanti se ekina ta malia, se ekeina ta daktyla kai se ekeino to flyntzani. Opou emeine apla afwnos. Mia lexi itan oli ki oli i lexi pou ithele na artrwsei, ena onoma, mia monaha lexi, me ena erwtimatiko sto telos, etsi apla, ki omws emeime apla afwnos. Kai epistrefontas, opws ekane se tetoies periptwseis, opou emene apla afwnos, epistrefwntas stin logoklopi, sto pokoumpi toutis tis ekforas, tis synkekrimenis ekforas tou tritou enoikou, epistrefwntas stin methodologia pou onomatistike, pou vaftistike dikaia, "o thriyamvos tou tritou enoikou", epistrefwntas ston "thriamvo tou tritou enoikou", mia epohi pou olo epestrefe se pramata apo to prin, se pramata apo pio prin, se pramata oikeia kai pramata dika tou, se pramata apo palia, palia oikeia pramata diladi, mia epohi pou epestrefe s' afta ta paliopramata ta oikeia, ta oikeia touta paliopramata, opws ton "thryamvo tou tritou enoikou", opws to whiskey, opws to kafe-kai-tsigaro, opws to tsigaro-kai-kafe, opws to kafetsigaro, epistrefwntas eipe: Leto?

Monday, July 03, 2006

19 / 26+

Apistefti pyra. Ta mallia sto patwma, imilipothima papillions, anorthografa ki aikinita harin aera. Apousia kai tsirko. I meres twn pezodromiwn ston pago. Kena ermarakia kai kairoskopa ousiastika. Epimenoun t' apospasmata. Apohrwseis toihou, imiaithrio tsigaro kai Tom Wolfe. Logoklopi typografimenou Wagner, prwima mesanyhta, eisitirio ergasias: The eye recognizes only the surface of the sea: only the depths of the ear understand its depths.

Afta, kai ligo xydi, apo simera.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Some Houses For Sale

Mnimi 3os Orofos, Christou Vournazou 11, Athina

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