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Friday, June 30, 2006

Mahairi ki anoihto parathyro

Orthou vathews mou swnetai to whiskey / Ki i nyhta pou diavainei me sarkazei

Ta krasopotira ehoun ki afta katagrapsei tin oloklirwtiki tous apousia. Sta mesodiastimata keramikwn patwmatos psihoula kai lasmari kai rigani. Idrwtas paramashala kai neos minas, vrady. Psifia o alalos thoryvws tis thermis ap'ta gonata sto kranio. Ki o stenagmos. Anakates plates kai mavri anasa. Etsi dilwnete i metagrafi apo to trito so dftero proswpo pou haidevei to parke kai psahnei fraseis na dwsei ston Aprili. Pws na milisw allwste gia mia thalassa kai mia poli pou oikeiopoiete ton Breton? Only someone who keeps himself in some measure pure has hatred, nerves, freedom and mobility enough to oppose the world, but just because of the illusion of purity - for he lives as a 'third person' -he allows the world to triumph not merely externally, but in his intermost thoughts. Me to en syneheia kryfo dilema anametadidwmeno sto telos tis thesis 86.

Den isihazei i nyhta apoti.

Only a cunning intertwining of pleasure and work leaves real experience still open, under the pressure of society. Such experience is less and less tolerated.
Theodor W. Adorno, Minima Moralia, #84

The Fiction of Development

It's Hard Selling Land
Another project by omada ergasias in cooperation with Google Earth
As part of 'Square Opperation' by Georgia Agathocleous, BA Fine Art Degree Show, Central St Martin's College of Art and Design, 107-109 Charing Cross Road

Land Contract

(Use when buying)

This Agreement is made and entered into by and between:
whose address is:
hereinafter called the Vendor and
whose address is:
hereinafter called the Vendee.

Witnesseth: The Vendor, for himself, his heirs and assigns, does hereby agree to sell to the Vendee, their heirs and assigns, the following real estate commonly known as:
and further described; as:

together with all appurtenances, rights, privileges and easements and all buildings and fixtures in their present condition located upon said property.


In consideration whereof, the Vendee agrees to purchase the above described property for the sum of _________________________________________________________________________________ Dollars ($________________), payable as follows:

The sum of $_____________________________________ as initial consideration at the time of execution of the within Land Contract, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, leaving a principal balance owed by Vendee of $___________________________________ together with interest on the unpaid balance payable in consecutive monthly installments of $________________________________________ beginning on the _____ day of ____________20____, and on the _________ day of each and every month thereafter until said balance and interest is paid in full, or until the ______ day of ____________________ 20_____
at which time the entire remaining balance plus accrued interest shall become due and payable. The interest on the unpaid balance due hereon shall be (________________ %) percent annum computed monthly, in accordance with a month amortization schedule during the life of this agreement.

Payments shall be credited first to the interest. and the remainder to the to the principal or other sums due Vendor. The total amount of this obligation, both principal and interest. unpaid after making any such application of payments as herein receipted shall be the interest bearing principal amount of this obligation for the next succeeding interest computation period. If any payment is not received within __________________(______) days of payment date, there shall be a late charge of (____________%) percent assessed. The Vendees may pay the entire purchase price on this contract without prepayment penalty. The monthly installments shall be payable as directed by the Vendor herein.

Page 2 of 3 Land Contract


Said real estate is presently subjeC1 to a mortgage with ________________________________________________ and the Vendor shall not place any additional mortgage on the premises without the prior written permission of the Vendees. To protect Vendee's interests. Vendee may elect at any time to pay any sums due hereunder directly to the mortgagee, and any amounts remaining to the Vendor. Vendor understands that this transaction may permit the mortgagee to exercise their right to accelerate the loan and to call the remaining balance due. In any such event, the Vendor agrees to hold Vendee harmless and in no way liable for any damage to Vendor as a result of such action. Vendor initials _________.


The Vendor shall be required to provide an abstract or guarantee of title, statement of title, title insurance, or such other evidence of title to Vendee's satisfaction.


The Vendor shall permit a copy of this contract to be recorded in the ____________________________County Recorder's Office at Vendee's discretion at any time subsequent to the execution of this Contract by the parties hereto.


Real estate taxes to the County Treasurer shall remain In the Vendor's name throughout the term of this agreement. Payment of said taxes shall be the responsibility of the Vendee upon the execution of this agreement, and [___] shall [___] shall not be escrowed and added to the payment required by Vendee herein.


The Vendor shall insure the property with a non owner-occupant (landlord) policy against fire and extended coverage to the benefit of both parties as their Interests may appear herein. Said policy shall be for an amount no less than __________________________, payment of which shall be the responsibility of the Vendee, and which shall be escrowed and added to the payment due herein.

Vendees shall keep the building in a good state of repair at the Vendees expense. At such time as the Vendor inspects the premises and finds that repairs are necessary, Vendor shall request that these repairs be made within sixty (60) days at the Vendees expense. The Vendees have inspected the premises constituting the subject matter of this Land Contract, and no representations have been made to the Vendee by the Vendor in regard to the condition of said premises: and it is agreed that the said premises are being sold to the Vendee as the same now exists and that the Vendor shall have no obligation to do or furnish anything toward the improvement of said premises. Vendor shall furnish a clear termite report at Vendor's expense prior to executing this contract. If the property has live infestation of wood destroying insec1s, Vendor will pay costs of treatment and repair damages caused by same. If Vendor elects not to do so. Vendee may elect to waive Vendors responsibility and proceed. or Vendee may elect not to proceed with this contract. Notice of each election shall be given in writing within five (5) days of. respectively. receipt of Vendor of the notice of infestation and receipt by Vendee of Vendors notice as to intention to remedy.


The Vendee shall be given possession of the above described premises at Contract execution and shall thereafter have and hold the same subject to default provisions hereinafter set forth.

8. Delivery of DEED:

Upon full payment of this contract, Vendor shall issue a General Warranty deed to the Vendees free of all encumbrances except as otherwise set forth. In addition, Vendees reserves the right to convert this contract into a note and mortgage which shall bear the same terms as the contract for the remaining balance, and receive a warranty Deed to Vendees or assigns from Vendor, anytime the following conditions have been met by then Vendees,

At least 20% of the purchase price has been paid to the Vendor.
Vendee is willing to pay all the costs of title transfer and document preparations.
Page 3 of 3 Land Contract


If an installment payment to be made by the Vendee under the terms of this Land Contract is not paid by the Vendee when due or within thirty (30) days thereafter, the entire unpaid balance shall become due and collectable at the election of the Vendor and the Vendor shall be entitled to all the remedies provided for by the laws of this state and/or to do any other remedies and/or seek relief now or hereafter provided for by law to such Vendor; and in the event of the breach of this contract in any other respect by the Vendee, Vendor shall be entitled to all relief now or hereinafter provided for by the laws of this state.

Failure of Vendee to maintain current the status of all real estate taxes and insurance premiums as required herein shall permit Vendor the option to pay any such premiums, taxes, interest, or penalty(ies), and to add the amount paid to the principal amount owing under this contract, or to exercise any remedies available to the Vendor as per the preceding paragraph.

Waiver by the Vendor of a default or a number of defaults in the performance hereof by the Vendee shall not be construed as a waiver of any future default no matter how similar.


There are no known pending orders issued by any governmental authority with respect to this property other than those spelled out in this Land Contrat prior to closing date for the execution of the contract.






It is agreed that this instrument and any addendum mutually entered into and, by reference to this agreement, made a part hereof constitutes the entire agreement of the parties, and which shall be binding upon each of the parties, their administrators. executors, heirs and assigns. It is further agreed that neither party is relying upon any representation not contained herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have set their hands this ______day of _____________________, 20_____,

Signed in the presence of:

VENDOR: _______________________________________



Signed in the presence of:

VENDEES: ______________________________________



STATE OF__________________________

COUNTY OF ________________________

On this _________ day of __________________, 20____,before me, a Notary Public in and for said county and state. personally came, __________________________________________________________ Vendor (s ) and. _____________________________________________________________________________ Vendee(s) in the foregoing Land Contract. and acknowledged and signing thereof to be their voluntary act and deed.

WITNESS my official signature and seal on the day last above mentioned.


This instrument was prepared by:





Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kalogiannis on my mind

Deilis. Den klaiw gia afta pou mou 'heis kanei / Gia afta pou mou 'heis arnithei. Epikeimeni matia. Metaniwmena filia and smokeless smokes egw den goustarw agapi mou. Kena lefka. I fantasiwsi einai anwteri tis fantasias. Manhattan 28 hronia meta + 5. Ta teleftaia.

Kala p/iota.

....trwei tin kardia sou

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday, June 11, 2006

new(s and) discoveries

1) a freelancer freestyling

2) welcome back to dem, to our page of unclear improprierty - i think the double negative works quite well there, don't you?

3) thinking of Poe during death is like reading Frank O'Hara during a wedding. not really the 'done' thing.

4) i have been wondering if fish might ever need SCUBA gear.

5) en enas lipimenos astronautis.

if the block ends, there might be more.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Πολυβιος Μιχαηλιδης (1907-1960)

Πολυκατοικία Μιχαηλιδη, Ζαϊμη και Στουρνάρη, Αθήνα, 1933-1934

Η πολυκατοικία των αδελφών Mιχαηλίδη ανήκει στα έργα αναφοράς του ριζοσπαστικού μοντερνισμού στη μεσοπολεμική Aθήνας. Eίναι έργο του δεξιοτέχνη Kύπριου αρχιτέκτονα Πολύβιου Mιχαηλίδη και του εκλεκτού συνάδελφου του και καθηγητή στο EMΠ Θουκυδίδη Bαλεντή. (...) H πολυκατοικία έχει έξι στάθμες: ισόγειο, τέσσερις ορόφους και εσοχή. Περιλαμβάνει δύο διαμερίσματα ανά τυπικό όροφο. Ο τελευταίος όροφος και το δώμα έχουν διαμερίσματα διπλού ύψους (duplex).Τόσο η οργάνωση των κατόψεων όσο και η διάρθρωση των όψεων αποτελούν αυθεντικές εκφράσεις του διεθνούς Mοντέρνου Kινήματος .
H γραμμή των όψεων είναι λιτή. Στην πρόσοψη επί της Ζαΐμη επικρατούν οι επιμήκεις συνεχείς ζώνες παραθύρων με μικρούς εξώστες στο δεξί όριο της πολυκατοικίας. Αντίθετα η όψη της οδού Στουρνάρη παρουσιάζει μεγαλύτερη ποικιλία, συνδυάζοντας επιμήκεις εξώστες και εξωστόθυρες.
Ο ορθογώνιος όγκος του κτιρίου ολοκληρώνεται στη στάθμη της εσοχής με pergola.
Τα υλικά διαμόρφωσης των όψεων είναι η σιμεντοκονία αρτιφισιέλ, τα κιγκλιδώματα των εξωστών από μεταλλικό πλέγμα και τα ξύλινα κουφώματα με ρολά. H μεταλλική εξώθυρα της πολυκατοικίας έχει απλή μορφή.

From: http://www.culture2000.tee.gr/ATHENS/GREEK/main2.html


Solo. Diakyndinevw tin anagnwsi anavalwntas to akousma. Sinaw vimata kai megenthinw trihes. Thelw na paixw me ta ypsilon - adynaton. Malchus, akoueis? Kratiemai apo tin epi twn lexewn eirwnia allotriwn. Poach me baby. Poach me jai varmou mylla.
I want to walk. Enanti epitokiou erevnis daneikwn seimiologikwn arthrisewn sto tosa epi tosa. Xana sta isa mou.

Kryptografwntas anapothikeftos, how many shows will I loose still?

Idi simera.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Black Bush. I want to drink to coffee.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Repeat: tha thryps/alla. I skoni tis apraxias kai tis apostasis. Lexeis kai selio. Matia giok. Whiskey. Systatika anyparxias. He? Metrofyllw viaia kai kryfakouw me prosohi. Varenoun ta gonata. Thymame vradia m' elafritero to swma. Septemvrides. Pernw apo ta traina sta standby aeroplana. Sta solo monologwn. Oi filoi mou osonoupo. Agapimeni, pikri lexi. I fasaria dexia: Lexika, vivlia, hartomani. Adeio potiri. Gemato potiri.

Ki an tosa hronia perpatisame mazi / ton teleftaio dromo tha ton kanw monos
Katohos, idi, ap'tous mines tou ypogeiou, Northington Street, athymitheite, tis rwgmis.
Ladera kai xydia. Tatses.

Thymame mia nyhta mou 'hes pei: eheis stavrwsei kosmo esy / tha meineis xenos

Oxydwmenos Halkos.

Xana. Repeat: En mas foroun
/oi topoi.

Mison Teras

Kafes stin kouzina. Mnimes Giwtopoulou, fakelwmeni grafomihani. Iliovroho. Dyo lepta me ton papa tis Artemisias, prospathw na pintwsw ta apintota diairwntas prwi prwi tis files tou Israel se 9. Plus 2. Who is pointing to who? What is out there: i arche. Na to epanalavw. To molyvi mou apo recycled videotapes heirokrotei to trohadin kai logizw me to alogiasto.
Ki an ypomnimatisw tha antexw? Pros ti i ypersyndesi - as'ton kafe na milisei her-i.
Na metakinitoume kanena foniento.

A'e 'ontin:+


Friday, June 02, 2006

Over (Or Natural Progression)

'Eies ton, eien ton kanenas?'

Ate kale! Jai efamen tin imera mas simera na grafoume sovara, emperistatwmena keimena jai na na anoiumen po tounta forums akoueis jai 'sy!
Ate Christo mas ela teliwne jai ehoumen jai douleies. E, inta!
Oi omws en mporeis na peis. Eperasemen polla wraia. Oi, alithkeia, bravo mas.

Touton en pou allou alla na to valw jai dame etsi gia mostra:

"It's convenient to blame outsiders for the problems. It's not for me to recommend solutions but it's usually a good idea everywhere to look in the mirror and ask what we can do right where we are to mitigate and limit problems that are very serious and have to be overcome."

Noam Chomsky, 17th May 06, UCY Nicosia, Cyprus

E jai hey re! E jai hey!


Avratini! Ouli diki mas.

To video, to mavrogerimo to video re paithkia, na hareite oti agapate.

PS. Pou eisai Daphna na sou deixw t' ambelia mas! Meine mana mou esso sou na kamneis pipila, omorfa ji wraia, pou na nekatwneis twra jai sou istories.

UPDATE: I wra e' lathos. Akoma en en 1 to mesimeri - en 1 ti nyhta. Olofreskooo.
Den tha xanasymvei. It will never happen again. Akoueis?

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