A kind of a "dangerous supplement", marked, scarred on a body, post-orgasmically, always, already in anticipation of (a) crisis OR for a desert avec 'agape'. Mindb(l)ogg(l)ing Noise. "Avalanche, would you share my last pursuit?" (Baudelaire)

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Sacrifice Cull

Since I can not be
a good drinker
a good smoker
a good eater
a good writer
a good lover
a healthy good
one of you must die
psychoanalytically speaking
'play second fiddle to the rest'
or to the 'a'.
Yet who -
"For there is a great distance between the words we speak uninhibitedly to a friendly audience and the discipline needed to write a book." (Gaston Bachelard)
Let's make it
quick: One potato Two potato Three potato Four, Five potato Six potato Seven potato
Phall if you but will, rise you must: and none so soon either shall the pharce for the nunce come to a setdown secular phoenish. (James Joyce)

(soundtrack: 'Polonaise' by Chopin)

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