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Monday, August 06, 2007

In defense of the ordinary

Tonight - regardless of theater - architecture prevails. Whoever is with it follows. Boats allow themselves to us, handmade and fully restored; that distance of proximity from here. And at the same time the home. The confirmation of how our visual culture's end has delimitated itself comes through not only the spilled whisky at the side of the car. The legend a closed spot consents to absence. A dog mewls. News of perverted facades and of novel drinking possibilities. The not-spendng: a blessing in becoming. An act of nesting in waiting needing the hope, not the cash. And I keep drinking. The sketch in my notebook will ring tomorrow.

Image from: http://www.kythreotisarchitects.com.cy


Noullis said...

Gorgeous building. Another by the same architect stands on Vassiliou Voulgaroktonou in Ayios Andreas

Demetris said...

Its miniature, yes. Home of famous barmen for years.

This is in the process of radical re-development.
Lux flats gutted out and opened up to the elements (glass walls etc).
Plus a basement bar.
Pay attention to the rooftop too. A shame really.
But in these days when an oikopedo in Pallouriwtissa goes for 600 000 CYP who would leave this public (as it has become over the years).

N.B. First Lady's first husband used to own / reside in one of these flats. He certainly claims to have been there on March 8, 1970.

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