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Sunday, September 23, 2007

O Tsioronis o Samurai

The word has been around for some years thanks to public spontaneous performances by various people who have been members of various collectives (Alien Artists, Ombion, Omada Ergasias to name a few) at any given time or all at once. For those that have encountered the legendary Tsioronis only via second hand reenactment, at last the first ever appearance of "O tsioronis o Samurai" footage on the web. Enjoy!


Demetris said...

Anoixete tis chapagnies re!!!!!!
Zitwwwwww! Zitwwwwww!
Varton oulon panw!!!

nekatomenos said...

tzino to blog pou eishe annoiksei kapote gia tzino to discussion sta kala kathoumena yparxei akoma btw?

christos said...


Alexandra said...

and alack

Demetris said...

Oi aparo!

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