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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Fellow Ombiouxi.

our O(mbion) M(astros) will have no internet for the next few days in his personal abode. This has been brought about by our very own inside agents working at BT, making sure OM listens to nothing but elevator music through his telephone and recorded voice messages about how the best way to contact BT is through their website, thus heightening the irritation of OM by BT's seeming incompetence. The truth in fact is that BT's incompetence is due to our own covert plan to overthrow the heavy iron fist of this artistic/intellectual dictatorship.
Unite Ombiouxi! Ombion is ours!
Post what you like! Write about cheap bad wine and jameson whiskey!
The time has come.


Demetris said...

Twra, twra...

Via Vodafone Wap (Avratinoi....)

mondo said...

δημήτρη, τι έπαθες πάλι?

christos said...

the revolution will not be blogged.

Demetris said...

@mondo: I've been moved.

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