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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PWC at TINAG 2010

Since geographically – or otherwise- no coherent financial district can be located on the island of Cyprus, in this manifestation of PWC the focus will be the Church’s role in shaping financial institutions and subsequently political and cultural conditions on the island. The 1st October 2010 is the official 50th anniversary of independence of Cyprus from the British Empire. This process was lead by the first president of the island, and leader of the autocephalous Church of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III. Through a variety of gestures, archival material and visual references PWC aim to trace the possible –even conjectural- relationships the Church of Cyprus has with market forces, master- planning, land distribution, issues of ownership, taxation, charity and other vis-a-vis the idiosyncratic presence of social engagement on the island. Also, as part of this specific installment two presentations will contextualise the economic history and development of the island and the role, presence and understanding of the public art commissioned by the Church.
Find us at The Suffragettes Galleries and Tea Room, Hanbury Hall.
Presentations: Friday 22 Ocotber 2010, 13:30- 15:30
This is not a Gateway Festival

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