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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Under The Fridge's Light - Constantinos Taliotis

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"In the short but tempestuous life of the nebulous domain of writing named theory, it has been accused in a plethora of occasions for rambling away and failing to respond to pragmatic problems found in the domains of the real, the social or the political. Setting out to question these accusations by examining the state(s) and place(s) of theory and the proximity of such locations to other fields of research, Under the fridge's light reveals the cracks in the presumptions of an existing kinship between theory and the real. Having done away with the imperative of a responsive or a reflective theory, a quest begins for a theory frivolity and of disengagement from the ?real' or the ?social'. A kind of theory that refrains from relocating itself in praxis, and yet it rambles in imaginative terrains, maintaining a theoretical perspective within the parameters of theorizing rather than theoretically responding to applied disciplines. In other words, a superflexible mechanism that enables the synthesis of disproportionate perceptions of scale; a theory of the jouissance of misinterpretation and the pleasure of misconstruction."

Constantinos Taliotis (b. 1983, Nicosia, Cyprus) is a visual artist and writer. He lives in Nicosia, Cyprus and Athens, Greece. He has exhibited widely in numerous solo and group exhibitions and contributed to various publications. He is the co-director of APOTHEKE CONTEMPORARY ARTS, Nicosia, Cyprus.

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