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Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Exemplification:I carry on, I go on; I mentioned within the last words last time the word 'fila', filia which I encased in a Neapolitan photograph which could have been Lisbon. I encased then that word, filia, within cities. Within (t)here[s], that is. That is what? Having started with, yes Dan, my 'gringlish' which do sometimes turn to GRRRRinglish, (and) with the here how did I jump (in)to this airkiss, this hissing passion of the festive period, that characteristic of the Narcissus, that all-year round call for the impossible. And all that, fila again in-between tenses and in-between accents and tonalities, does it call forward? That is does this kiss-ing and does this friendship, and that relationship call forward the place (topos) of its filia; and again I am found self-indulging in Greek words, written with Latin characters in an html environment. Do all this cities that 'your humble reporter', on this site of the 'river', is arguably obsessed about + with, illustrate paradigmatic places of the promise of the here which is none other than the filia?
I am afraid a Benjaminian historical account has to be called forward; yet it can wait. It can wait until after, having trusted the words that have been given to us, within other words, we attempt to read them, that is I, in public, (t)here I attempt to read them as they are inscribing themselves, within the words, amongst the cities, writting them (t)here, further down.
That is here and filia.
The cities for the time being, the (t)here[s], outside of our given template, titled http://ombion.blogspot.com, are Nicosia, Lisbon and, Naples- all from their various portairts. Also Athens;

*Post Prologic Proposed Preliminary Scriptum

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